Total War fans are buzzing this morning. A countdown website went live and will reveal something big in just over eight days. This isn’t typical DLC. Creative Assembly isn’t about to use countdown site for that. Nope, there are only two options – the next entry in the Warhammer trilogy or the next historical Total War game.

The folks over at the Total War Reddit believes the background is Lustria (a large, tropical continent and home of the Lizardmen race), and the background image checks out. The vegetation definitely looks more tropical.

But couldn’t it be South America? It could, but we can also look at Creative Assembly’s own comments. Here’s what the Total War teams are up to these days. The info below was posted a few days ago.

First, the Warhammer Team working on the trilogy:

Excitement continues to build amongst the development team as the second part of the trilogy comes together, particularly as the distinctive races take shape and their playstyles solidify in campaign and battle. We’re equally excited at the prospect of sharing details about the game’s gigantic scale and content with our community and wider fanbase, as those plans come together in parallel.

Alright, now the historical team:

Our next major historical release is now in full production with the game design locked and asset creation fully underway. The game retains the same strong focus on character design that infused previous major releases, with the key personalities of the period in particular being an early priority for us now; as such there are some vibrant and striking renders plastered around the studio, with eye-catching combat animations garnering some serious attention too.

It sounds like the Warhammer team is further along. I do wonder how close the two Total War games will release to each other, though. I’m thinking we see the next Warhammer game a little quicker than most of us think.

What we do know about the next historical Total War game is that it will be in an era we haven’t seen yet. That means no feudal Japan, Roman Empire, medieval Europe, Napoleonic Wars or American Revolution.

A lot of folks are clamoring for China during the Three Kingdoms period. I’m down with that. But I also want to see what Creative Assembly can do if they tried to tackle World War I. For historical fans like me, we’re probably going to be waiting a bit longer before we get our first taste of this new era. All the info out in the wild right now points to this being Total War: Warhammer 2.

We’ll know for sure next Friday (March 31). What do you want to see? More Warhammer, or Creative Assembly’s next historical Total War?

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