Battlefield 2042 Zero hour

It’s been a bumpy road for Battlefield 2042 since its lackluster launch disappointed fans. But this week, DICE hopes to begin a turnaround for the game with the launch of Season 1. And today’s trailer channels the Battlefield-moment trailers of old.

Ok, that trailer looks pretty damn good. Hats off to the marketing team for making Battlefield 2042 look fantastic. It’s the playing part that’s been the struggle since launch.

What’s coming to Battlefield 2042’s First Season

Battlefield 2042 fans have been waiting for more than six months for any content like maps, specialists, weapons, etc. Dubbed Zero Hour, Season 1 brings a new map, specialist, and weapons. Let’s dive in. 

Described as “extreme vertical terrain of a new battlefield,” Exposure takes place in the Canadian Rockies. The intro to the map in the trailer above gives off Damavand Peak vibes from Battlefield 3. 

Hell, the entire Zero Hour trailer feels like a mashup of several Battlefield 3 trailers. Not that I’m complaining, those trailers are still the best over a decade later.

DICE keeps the Specialist system as it introduces a new one with Ewelina Lis. She packs a G-84 TGM guided rocket launcher to knock out vehicles on the ground and in the skies. Here’s a short clip showing off her abilities.

As for new weapons and vehicles? We’re getting the Ghostmaker R10 Crossbow along with the BSV-M Marksman Rifle. And a pair of stealth gunships.

Season 1: Zero Hour is coming on Thursday. I’m digging the look of the new map. I’ll be honest though, I haven’t played Battlefield 2042 since its launch week. There were way too many bugs and questionable design decisions for me to stick with it. But Season 1 will be enough to at least get me to fire up the game again. Is it enough to turn the game around and return the Battlefield franchise back to its former glory? I don’t think anyone is expecting that. One content drop isn’t going to do it. But it could help the devs build a little much-needed momentum. 

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