We can hope it translates to the actual film, but each X-Men: Apocalypse trailer has been pushing the narrative it is a god versus a team of kids (X-Men). Yes, let the X-Men: Hunger Games comparisons flow. It’s an easy joke to make.

Apocalypse is all about the sense of scale. Previous movies felt hemmed in by their stories. All the mutants running around and a general shrug by the rest of the world. The universe lacks cable news. Lucky bastards.

Here, the tone is one of scale and destruction. The start of this X-Men trilogy was the threat of nuclear weapons. Now? Apocalypse looks to use them to wipe humanity off the map.

X-Men: Apocalypse

While the film is the end of an X-Men trilogy, you can’t help but watch the trailer and wonder if the X-Men are done before they even got started. Only two members are worth anything in a fight so far – Beast and Mystique.

X-Men apocalypse releases new trailer

Newcomers like Cyclops and Jean Grey seem out of their element. Quicksilver, although proven, looks horrified at the spectre of attacking Apocalypse.

The trailer above does give us a better look at Olivia Munn’s Psylocke. Finally, the dual katanas are out. Fassbender’s Magneto is the only Magneto at this point. The man nails the character.

New trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse

How does it all end? Well, it’s Marvel. The good guys always win. Still, the trailers thus far haven’t painted a rosy outcome for the X-Men.

What do you think? Ready for the Memorial Day release? It will be the fourth comic book release this year alone joining Deadpool, Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War.

Deadpool massively outperformed at the box office. Batman v Superman is tracking for a billion dollars globally. Cap and company will do the same.

And then there’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Is there room left for a fourth comic book adventure? Or, will this be the odd one out?

With a Memorial Day release, it’s hard to see this flopping. And the trailers have only sold me more on the film. Time will tell, but Apocalypse could shape up as the best X-Men movie to date.

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