We are a new media organization looking to usher in the next wave of students interested in both journalism and writing in general. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is vital throughout all fields of study. Our goal at News Ledge is to not only inform our readers but create a community of upcoming writers and journalists.

News Ledge Media Scholar Program

The annual News Ledge Scholar Program was established to provide financial assistance to students, regardless of field of major, to apply for a $1,000 award. The student can either be an undergraduate or graduate student of any post-secondary college or university.

Examples of majors we accept are science, information technology, business, political science, liberal arts and journalism.


  1. Applicants must be an active student pursuing a degree – either undergraduate or graduate.
  2. Applicant GPA should be at least 2.5
  3. Applicants should submit an essay (at least 1000 words) within their major and how the student would report on a news event within your chosen field.


  1. All essays should be received by November 15, 2017.
  2. The winner will be informed by December 15, 2017.

Application Process

  1. Email the completed essay and proof you are a current student to scholarship@www.newsledge.com with the subject line ‘News Ledge Scholarship.’
  2. Use the Google Form below.

News Ledge covers a variety of topics, everything from the James Webb Space Telescope and science topics, photography and latest drones for sale, to latest in gaming and travel. Explore your world and apply today.

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