Continuing its May tradition of revealing the next Call of Duty, Activision will release a trailer on Sunday. The next Call of Duty may be called Blacksmith. It isn’t clear if that’s a codename for the project or the name of the game. I like it.

GameInformer teased the first image of the next Call of Duty earlier today. The image shows off some impressive graphics (for a Call of Duty game).

Besides the one teaser image, we know this year’s Call of Duty will focus on private military corporations. Activision has teamed up with VICE to explore the narrative direction of the next Call of Duty.

In the video below, the first few seconds tease how in the next Call of Duty “The world’s most powerful military is not a country. It’s a corporation.”

Focusing on private military corporations could make for an interesting single player. The narrative design also gives them plenty of leeway with designing multiplayer.

It looks like the trailer will go live this Sunday at 10 am PT. At least, that’s when GameInformer will release their digital issue which features a 12 page exclusive cover story on the next Call of Duty.


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