Next-Gen Starts Tomorrow With Titanfall Launch

The launch of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 last month was met with heavy demand. Especially, for the PS4. Now all we need is software. Most people will probably agree that they are getting a bit bored with the initial slate of software. That changes with tomorrow’s release of Titanfall.

Microsoft is betting on Titanfall being a huge success. And, everything is lining up for that to happen. Microsoft has been pushing out major updates to the Xbox One’s operating system to address issues in time for Titanfall’s launch. Twitch support will be added just in time for the launch.

The hype surrounding the Titanfall release is growing to a fevered pitch. Critic reviews have started hitting the web in the past couple of hours. So far, nearly all of them have been overwhelmingly positive. Titanfall’s Metacritic score sits at 87.

Some complaints have centered around the lack of a single player and some framerate issues.

The big question for Microsoft is how much of a system mover can Titanfall be? No one doubts that it will move hardware, but how much of the Xbox One/PS4 sales gap can be closed with Titanfall?

It’s hard to make comparisons to other system selling games over the years. The gaming industry is a lot bigger than it was when the Xbox 360 released.

Plus, Titanfall isn’t exclusive to the Xbox One. It’s also releasing on PC and Xbox 360. My prediction? 1 million+ copies, probably closer to 1.5 million. Anything below that and I think Microsoft may want to start panicking. Xbox One hardware is a bit tougher to predict. Titanfall’s not coming out around the holiday season where people are more apt to shell out big money for Christmas. I’m going to say 400,000+ for hardware.

It’s just hard to tell though. We don’t know how many people put off buying a console until compelling software was released for it. I know of a few people who are going out and picking up Titanfall bundles tomorrow.

Sony Readies Its Own System Seller

Sony has its own heavy hitter coming out later this month. Infamous: Second Son will release on March 21, 2014. If you’re looking for next-gen visuals, Infamous: Second Son promises to deliver.

Fans of multiplayer and single player will be treated well in March.

What game are you getting? Are you a multiplayer fan itching for Titanfall? Or, want to see the impressive visuals of Infamous: Second Son? Maybe neither? Maybe you prefer the punishing difficulty of Dark Souls 2. Whatever your taste in games, March will deliver.

Also, let me know your Titanfall sales predictions in the comments below.