It seems every fitness product is either getting an app or leaping into the 21st century. All except for the trusty foam roller. Until now. On Kickstarter, the Vyper by Hyperice is being introduced to the masses.

And before you think it’s another piece of possible vaporware, it already has some serious athlete street cred. Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin are both pictured using it. Griffin Force evidently needed to roll out some muscle stiffness.

The Vyper is shaped like a foam roller and uses pressure and vibration as both a muscle recovery and fitness tool. It is engineered to deliver high intensity vibrations to the body. Think a power plate but in the shape of a foam roller. The Vyper has three different speed settings, and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Right now, the company says they have 20 devices prototyped out, and want to use Kickstarter as a stepping stone into mass production. Following on the heels of a variety of projects on Kickstarter, this one should see it meeting its goal of $100,000. Granted, it’s not potato salad or a cooler with a blender, but you need to work off those outings anyways.

A piece of good news for the backers is the turnaround. The Hyperice team has set a date of November 15 for fulfillment of the devices. That beats the normal six to twelve months you see on most projects.

If you do choose to pick one up, it will set you back $199. A pledge of $249 will get you a limited edition color and a t-shirt. Blue, silver, pink and yellow are all available at this price point.

Below is the intro video to the project, and you can jump over to the Kickstarter page to see more details and options in regards to pledges.


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