The Next Total War Game Is Coming To Troy

A new Total War Saga is coming, and it appears to be heading to Troy. That’s according to a trademark application filed in July and spotted today via Reddit. Details are understandably slim, Creative Assembly nor Sega have officially announced the game yet. But knowing it’s a Saga tells us a few things.

What is a Total War Saga? These Total War games are smaller in scope. They don’t cover eras like Rome, Empire, or Three Kingdoms. They’re also not character-focused like Attila. Instead, Creative Assembly looks for “pivotal points in history which don’t necessarily revolve around a single character, and only lasted a few months or few decades at most.” Troy fits here.

Plus, we already knew Creative Assembly’s Sofia studio was busy working on a new Saga. Today’s trademark news confirms the location. In a studio update back in March, Creative Assembly said they would share more later this year.

The big question is, which Total War game will Troy use for its codebase? Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia used Total War: ATTILA as its base. After playing Total War: Three Kingdoms all summer, it would be hard going back to an older Total War game. The hero system works too damn well and would fit perfectly inside a game based on Troy.

The top Reddit comment sums up how I feel perfectly:

“What if they use the same romance/records idea from 3K? You would have Achilles, Ulysses, Ajax, Hector and others been OP heroes on the battlefield. The whole troy conflict is based on the Iliad just like 3K. Can a man dream?”

Total War Saga: Troy built on top of Three Kingdoms with a few new additions? That would be an instant buy for me.

Total War Sagas also come in at a cheaper price point too (usually $40), so it would be a great move to pull in more even more gamers who haven’t tried a Total War game yet.

Three Kingdoms also set a new record for concurrent players. Troy could be a fantastic second entry for a whole bunch of new Total War fans, if Creative Assembly builds off of Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Gamescom is right around the corner, but there’s no word on if Creative Assembly plans to reveal it there. The last Saga game was officially announced via a press release in November 2017. We’ll see what happens in Gamescom, but don’t get too hyped up for an announcement.