NFL Sunday Ticket is now available without a DirecTV subscription. Good news, right? Not so fast. There’s a lot of limitations to this deal.

– You have to live in an apartment building where DirecTV service is not available.
– Live in the metro areas of New York City, Philadelphia or San Francisco.
– Or, attend one of the following universities. University of Washington, Texas at Austin, USC, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Florida, Colorado at Boulder, Alabama, Syracuse, Ohio State, or Harvard.

Meet all the requirements above? Here’s what NFL Sunday Ticket is offering. The digital package costs $199 and will let you stream games on your computer, tablet or phone. It includes real-time stats and scores, but does not include the Red Zone Channel.

The $239 package, dubbed the console package, lets you stream games on your video game console. For $329, you get the features from the digital and console packages plus the Red Zone Channel and DirecTV Fantasy Zone.

This is good news for some cord cutters. For the majority of people though, this doesn’t mean much.

Will DirecTV continue to push its service to other non-DirecTV subscribers? That remains to be seen. Right now, DirecTV pays the NFL $1 billion a year for the Sunday Ticket. This recent move shows the company is willing to bend a little bit for some potential customers. We’ll see if they’re willing to bend all the way in the future.


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