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DxO, one of the more innovative image-editing and photography companies, has released the Nik Collection 3, a major upgrade to its famous Photoshop and Lightroom Classic plugins.

While each iteration has become more versatile, it’s the new third collection that ups the creative potential with the addition of an eighth plugin focusing on geometric correction, dubbed Perspective Efex. In addition to the new plugin, the upgrade comes with new quick edit tools, non-destructive workflows in Lightroom, and better integration of a news system regarding updates, classes, webinars, and other online resources. 

Perspective Efex is the new Nik Collection 3 By DxO plugin dedicated to geometric corrections. Drawing from DxO’s unique expertise, it combines a number of exclusive tools to remove defects and add effects to photos.

Perspective Efex automatically corrects unsightly leading lines, no matter how complex, which is a very useful feature in urban photography. It is also the only plugin to offer a feature that automatically corrects shape distortion, providing an easy way to reestablish the natural shapes of subjects located on the edges of wide-angle photos. It is the perfect tool for group wedding photos and family photos! Thanks to the use of DxO’s powerful optical modules, Perspective Efex can even automatically correct fish-eye distortion. Lastly, its automatic horizon correction tool instantly levels out skewed horizon lines in architectural and landscape photos.

For the month of June, users can grab the entire collection for 30% off either as an upgrade or an outright purchase. There’s no subscription fee, so the purchase is a one-off, and DxO is offering a free trial for photographers to test if the plugin suite is right for their workflow. 

Head over to DxO to learn more about the new collection.

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