It’s hard to find sports apparel that has caught the attention of the mainstream more than Nike’s Tech Pack pieces. It’s fusion of fashion and sport that has the big Swoosh on top of the sports apparel world. You may have seen it being shown off during the Olympics. It was the parts of the broadcast between the commercials.

In the fall, the company is merging the Tech Pack division with the Tech Knit styles. For now, you can get them via the Nike Tech Book App, but if you don’t want to download yet another one and done app, the pieces will be in the Nike retailers on September 1. Yeah, I’ll wait for September too.

nike sportswear fall 2016

The new details on the sportswear line include a foam layer sandwiched between cotton jersey for breathability and insulation. And to make sure you look like a badass at the gym, or at least noticeable, color shifting sleeve details have been added.

nike tech pack and tech knit sportswear

Will it make you faster and stronger? No. It’s designed to empty your wallet and make you look good. It’s on you to hit those reps.

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