New year. New expectations. CES 2018 is just days away, and Nikon has released its event roster. The immediate takeaway is where is the press briefing? Most get added on last minute, but not seeing one listed has Nikon fans more than a bit worried.

Let’s start off with the good. Nikon took the NYT criticism of the D850 and lack of women to heart. Of the thirteen speakers, eight are women. That was a needed course correction. Obviously, the top billing of Nikon’s CES is Scott Kelly. Who doesn’t love his pictures from the ISS using the D4? Luckily, the ISS got an upgrade with the batch of D5’s making their way to the space station.

Check out the roster of speakers and events listed via Nikon USA’s website.

Where’s the Press Event

That’s another way of saying where are the new camera announcements. Hell, an in-stock notice for the D850 would be nice. There’s visible consternation within the Nikon community as 2018 begins. Last year was Nikon’s 100th anniversary and while the D850 was a welcome surprise, a successor to the D810 isn’t what you call groundbreaking.

What are observers looking for in 2018? Besides Nikon’s needed entrance into the mirrorless market, their flagships need the ‘s’ upgrade. The Nikon D5s needs to happen, and Nikon’s stellar D500 should earn a DX-body an upgrade. It would be nice if Nikon embraced the DX market. Everyone who touches a D500 loves it and it’s priced in the range hobbyists can get onboard without crushing a bank account. That means lenses, Nikon. Lenses.

The issue is Nikon essentially hit pause in 2017. The camera releases slowed to just three last year. For comparison, 2016 saw eleven releases, and as you keep stepping back, the numbers grow.

CES isn’t known for camera releases, but Nikon could stand some wind at their back. Announce the upgrades to the flagships. Save the mirrorless for CP+ in March to avoid the sheer news dump CES always presents.

Take a cue from your headline speaker, Scott Kelly. Some of the most iconic pictures from the ISS of Earth were with a Nikon. It’s time to stop admiring the view and get the community excited again.

Hopefully, we get an idea Nikon is doing a press event. Please don’t let it be KeyMission 2.0. Sound off below on what you’d like to see in 2018 from Nikon.

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