Final Update: The Nikon D7500 has been officially announced.

Update 4 – Pricing info has been leaked by Nokishita. The Japanese price of the D7500 will be ¥159,300 or around $1,200. Official announcement said to be imminent.
D7500 name confirmed.

Update 3 – Finally we get a look at the Nikon D7500 (looks like the D7300 is gone). Expect the announcement early next week. Image courtesy of Nokishita.

Nikon D7500

Another Update – It looks like the D7200 replacement will be named the D7500 versus the D7300. Nikon is different with its camera names, but it does have the same sensor as the D500 so it sounds logical. Still a rumor until it gets announced. 

Updated to reflect latest spec rumors. 

It’s been the talk of the photography world. Is Nikon going under after the company reported an ‘extraordinary loss’ event? Diving deep into the stock market financials reveals a company which tried one too many outside the box products and is finally refocusing. And one generous company which went the buyout route with its round of layoffs.

It also shows recency bias as the company was lauded all of 2016 for the Nikon D500. That doesn’t mean Nikon can’t fail, but a few bad quarters is survivable especially when expectations from investors are dampened.

The DL line of cameras was canceled, and maybe the company will admit the same with the KeyMission line of action cameras. It’s been done, and the niche market has plateaued. Look at GoPro’s stock. Not what you want to see.

nikon d7300 rumors

Nikon is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year, and so far, it’s been radio silence on announcements. That changes with rumors of the new Nikon D7300 / D7500. A few specs are emerging, and it sounds like a mini D500.

Nikon D7300 / D7500 Rumored Specs

Not much to go on for now, but here are the features hitting the rumor mill:

  • 20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500)
  • 4K video
  • ISO: 100-51,200
  • Tilt screen
  • 8 fps (hope that’s true)
  • 51 points AF
  • SnapBridge

Maybe they will have fixed Snapbridge by its release. Talk about a pain in the ass on the D500. Eventually, the developers will get it working correctly. It shows promise when it works.

The 4k video should note the cropped nature of the APS-C sensor. Nature of the beast.

Price? Right now, the D7200 (body only) is priced at just under $1000. I’d expect to see a price tag of $1200, to give the D5600 a bit of breathing room. It’s sitting at $700. Plus Nikon is emptying the shelves of the 7200, with limited quantities available.

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Nikon D7300 / D7500 Release Date

The continuous rumor for Nikon’s 100-year anniversary is a professional mirrorless body. A mini D500 in a D7300 / D7500 doesn’t scream ‘happy birthday Nikon.’ The best guess is the announcement will happen sooner rather than later. If Nikon has something big in its back pocket, a D7300 announcement needs to be cleared and not sharing the stage.

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