DSLR fans rejoice. Nikon is not about to abandon its breadwinners. While the latter half of 2018 was consumed by all things mirrorless for Nikon, 2019 looks to start with a replacement for the Nikon D750. It’s still a great all-around camera, but it was launched in 2014, leaving many to speculate the company is set to announce a successor in the D760.

What can we expect from Nikon? Most rumors have the D600-series getting the ax and the new D760 becoming the beginner DSLR. Not a bad move considering the pluses over the D610. Currently, the D610 is now selling for $100 more than the D750, which would be a damn compelling price-point for a full-frame entry-level DSLR camera.

Will it happen? A cautious maybe. Nikon’s mirrorless Z6 is priced against Sony’s a7 III. It would make for more than a few interesting comparisons. Would Nikon undercut its mirrorless system?

nokon d760 spec rumors

I’d say no unless the company attempts to draw a clear delineation between the two markets. I’d hate to be the PR person explaining why the D760 has two card slots and the Z6 doesn’t. I kid Nikon, but it will make for an awkward announcement.

Technical spec rumors are your traditional fare for this early in the game. A new sensor is obvious, and perhaps Nikon decides to reach a bit with a BSI sensor, but we will have to wait. Autofocus will certainly get tweaked from the D750’s 51-point AF system.

Video functions will include 4K, but don’t hold your breath for anything ground-breaking. It’s a beginner DSLR, so 4K60p can be cast aside. Easy Fuji fans.

Other rumors include a slightly tweaked button layout and better image quality a higher ISOs. Will it earn a flip-out screen? You would think with the constant barrage of new vloggers, but we have been left wanting on previous announcements.

Expect the rumors around the tech specs to solidify in the new year as Nikon closes in on an announcement sometime in the first half of 2019.

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