Update #1: Once a teaser hits, the real news starts breaking. Announcement for the Nikon mirrorless is scheduled for August 23rd.

While the much-rumored unveiling of the Nikon Mirrorless camera didn’t happen on July 23, plenty of leaks and rumors have. For starters, we have Nikon releasing the teaser video showing off the company’s first salvo against Sony mirrorless cameras.

I’m a fan of the teaser video. We get a good look at the camera even in the dim lighting conditions. Everyone is making comparisons to Sony, but it’s ignoring the fact the grip looks like it borrowed the ergonomics of the library of premium DSLRs from Nikon.

Nikon Mirrorless Camera teaser

Nikon Mirrorless Camera z-mount

Nikon Mirrorless Camera mount

Nikon Mirrorless Camera EVF

Nikon Mirrorless Camera lens

Nikon Mirrorless Rumors

While we have a teaser and an official Nikon splash page, we are left wondering specs. Some rumors include a dual launch of a 45MP professional mirrorless and a budget-friendly 24MP camera. Pricing rumors have the pro-level model at £2,400 and £1,700. Yeah, everyone is sitting up at the mention of the 24MP possible price. It will come down to the AF system.

Both models are expected to have similar AF performance as the latest Sony a7 models. It’s the AF where the rumors muddy the water. Video AF will be different for the two models. I hope that’s not true because the Sony a7 III uses the flagship a9 AF system. Sony raised the bar for what’s expected in entry-level full-frame mirrorless. Coming in short of the features, especially on video AF could be a concern moving forward.

Nikon’s mirrorless cameras will feature an F-mount adapter. It’s designed to pull in users invested in a ton of Nikon glass, and a rumor has it performing at native levels.

Battery life is reportedly less than the Nikon’s DSLR lineup, but this was expected. While Sony’s z battery extends your time out shooting, it still lags behind DSLRs.

What about the release date? Obviously, it wasn’t July 23rd, but more believe an announcement in the next few weeks.

Sound off in the comments on what you think. Which model would you prefer? If it pans out, is having a weaker video AF a pressure point for Nikon? I can’t wait to see more. Especially if it involves a price war between the companies. Competition breeds innovation and discounts.

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