With Sony enjoying plenty of accolades thanks to the a7 III, Canon and Nikon are set to enter the mirrorless market with what they hope is a bang. Before the current slate of Sony full-frame announcements, both manufacturers enjoyed comfortable positions among the professional and prosumer base.

That was until Sony decided the ‘basic model’ of a full-frame mirrorless would be a feature-packed model with a sub-$2000 price tag. Yeah, your move Nikon and Canon. We know both companies are working feverishly on a mirrorless camera system, and the rumors surrounding Nikon’s first entry are heating up.

Nikon Mirrorless Rumors

First, observers expect Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless on display at Photokina in September. Current rumors have it announced just before the show and then shipping commencing soon after the event.

The initial announcement is expected to include one camera and a least two native lenses with another batch of lenses releasing within six months of Photokina. Not bad, but leads into the next piece of news.

Nikon’s mirrorless system will feature what is being dubbed the Z-mount. The name could change but expect a new mounting system for mirrorless lenses. It also means owners of Nikon glass should expect an F-mount adapter. Sure, we all wish it was native, but an adapter was expected.

nikon mirrorless z mount

On the spec front, Nikon is firing a return salvo at the Sony a7 III. Most expect the camera to have a sensor in the 24MP range with a target price around $2000. It makes sense. Nikon doesn’t need a high megapixel mirrorless with the D850 consistently selling out as new stock rolls in.

Out of the two lenses slated to be announced, rumors have one including a power zoom functionality for video recording. Additional rumors have the camera incorporating ‘features/functions never seen before.’ Now that sounds like marketing speak, so we can pump the breaks for now. Never seen in a Nikon? Mirrorless? Camera? I’ll stick to my first guess. Marketing getting ahead of their skis a bit with the hyperbole.

There are other rumors out in the wild, but the good news is soon we will have concrete information. Photokina is right around the corner, and if Nikon wants to announce before the show, leaks will inevitably happen. It’s part of the game.

What say you Nikon fans? Sound off below on what you’d like to see in a Nikon mirrorless. Me? I’d love to see Nikon actually focus on the touchscreen, unlike Sony. The delicious irony of that possibility is too damn good to pass up. Another is include the adapter for F-mount glass. It would go a long way in shutting down complaints of adapted glass. Let me turn the comment section over to you. Hit me with your wishlist.

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