Nikon Z5 announced

Nikon fans rejoice. The entry-level Nikon Z5 has been officially unveiled. I was under the impression the Z6 was the entry-level, but hey, if Nikon wants to finish off cannibalizing its APS-C division, Fujifilm promises not to complain. 

The Z5 does render the Z50 more than a bit pointless. There aren’t many dedicated APS-C mirrorless lenses, and at $1399, why not make the jump to full-frame and enjoy a better lens selection?

Nikon Z5 vs Nikon Z6

Nikon’s release is intended to convert DSLR shooters and potentially upsell smartphone photographers on a dedicated camera system. Some of the features in the Z5 are noticeably absent in the Z6 and Z7, including the presence of dual SD card slots. Yeah, the $1399 Z5 has dual card slots, but the $2800 Z7? Nah. I’m sure that was an interesting board meeting. 

Never fear though, there are some Nikon cripple hammers to steer professionals away from the Z5. One is the absurdly slow burst shooting. How does 4.5fps sound? For a camera that has Nikon’s newest processor, this seems ridiculously slow. 4K video also suffers from a 1.7x crop, but at least it doesn’t double as a space heater. Sorry, Canon. Couldn’t resist. 

Nikon Z5 vs Z50

A better comparison is between the APS-C Z50 and the Z5. The new Z5 will include what Nikon is dubbing a new 24.3MP sensor, which compares favorably against the 20.1MP sensor in the Z50. The Z50 already suffers from a 4K crop due to the crop sensor, so there is no big issue. IBIS is included on both cameras, and the addition of dual card slots is sure to draw some attention away from the Z50 to the Z5. 

The Nikon Z5 also borrows the AF system from the Z6, making it a pretty solid choice for beginner photographers who don’t necessarily need 12fps. 

Currently, the camera is in preorder for $1399 (body only) and $1699 with the included 24-50mm kit lens.

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