Hey, Nikon is joining the mirrorless camera release party. The company has essentially been dormant since it released the Z6 and Z7. Today comes the news we have all been expecting. Nikon is preparing to release an APS-C mirrorless camera – the Nikon Z50. 

It seems Nikon will use Z(x) for full-frame, and Z(xx) for its APS-C (DX) models. Nikon keeps the branding simple unless the company is planning a Z5. Here’s hoping they don’t.  

The camera manufacturer is joining every other camera manufacturer in launching a new mirrorless crop sensor camera. Sony with the a6100, a6400, and a6600. Canon with the EOS M6 II. Fuji announced the development of the X-Pro3. And now Nikon with the Z50. Give Sony a month or so, and I’m sure they’ll have another trio of camera bodies…

What is the Nikon Z50?

It’s Nikon’s answer to Sony’s unrelenting release schedule. The company needs to compete as the market shift away from the DSLR into mirrorless. Most rumors point to an imminent announcement, so we should see the Z50 in the real world within weeks. 

Nikon Z50 Sensor. Right now, we know it will have a 20-megapixel sensor similar to what we found on the D500. Will it be something new? That’s unclear but likely. 

Nikon Z50 Features. Three features we know about include a 3-inch pivoted LCD screen, an EVF, and up to 11fps. If you’re wondering what ‘pivoted’ means, join the club. Are we talking an LCD that can be front-facing for the vloggers out there? 

Some specs we don’t know about include video. Will it have 4K and at what framerate? 4K60p would be hilarious just to keep the Sony a7s III jokes alive. What about dual card slots? Form factor? Several Nikon patents point to an APS-C body without an integrated EVF. That would definitely be different, but it seems unlikely as the Z50 is Nikon’s first entry into the mirrorless APS-C market.  

Nikon Z50 Battery. The new camera will feature Nikon’s EN-EL25 battery which was recently registered. No word on battery life which will depend heavily on the type of image processor, video options, etc.

 Nikon Z50 Brings New APS-C Lens, But…

After the Sony event which showcased the 16-55mm f/2.8 G Master, I had high hopes for Nikon as the company is set to unveil the Z50. Unfortunately, the two lenses are kit lenses.     

The Z-Nikkor 16-55mm f/3.5-6.3 will be a lightweight, collapsible kit lens. It will be paired with a 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 zoom lens. I’d expect these to sell both individually and as part of a Nikon Z50 Kit.

How Much is the Nikon Z50?

If we work off the most recent announcements from Sony and Canon, we can make an educated guess. Judging by the lens lineup, it feels like a beginner mirrorless camera. That means sub-$1000. 

Pricing it under the recently announced a6100 and a6400 would make it compelling heading into the holiday season. It will depend on the features. If Nikon has an ace up its sleeve, we could see something on the level of the D500. That’s probably wishful thinking but would give Nikon a ton of positive press.

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