It’s the price of doing business, but who doesn’t want a 105mm f/1.4ED from Nikon? Sure, the price is exactly what everyone thought it would be. $2,196.95 for what Nikon is billing as optical quality unmatched in its segment.

I’m glad they managed to shave $3.05 off to avoid the $2,200.00 price tag. You’ll have to go cheap at Starbucks to make the extra three dollars stretch.

The Bokeh King of DSLRs?

That remains to be seen after countless of reviews and photographers snapping away. Nikon is pulling out all the stops with its latest lens. The focal length is obviously 105mm, and the f/1.4 max aperture will have enthusiasts brushing off the price.

Nikon isn’t content to stick with the basics. The AF-S Nikkor 105mm has all the latest features from the company, including the nano and fluorine coatings. Its fluorine coating will offer protection for the front element against dirt, dust and oil. Nano? Combined with the ED glass elements, it will work to reduce lens flare and keep chromatic aberrations at bay.

Nikon AF-S 105mm

Its nine-bladed electromagnetic aperture promises both speed and accuracy, even at the high end of exposure rates.

At $2200, excellent sharpness and color are a given. Nikon is taking it a step further by promising the same at maximum aperture and into the corners. The company is claiming the new 105mm will remain free of sagittal coma flare.

For those hauling around gear, the lens will tip the scales at 2.2 pounds. Not heavy, but you’ll know it’s there. A minimum focusing distance is set at 3.3ft for a max magnification of .13x. Use filters? When it ships on August 26th, the 105mm will have an 82mm filter thread.

Portrait photographer? Rejoice and set your pre-order. The lens is destined to become a mainstay in landscapes and weddings everywhere.

Yeah, I want one…

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