Nintendo is ditching online support for its older platforms as it shifts all of its focus to the Wii U and 3DS.

On May 20, certain online features in Wi-Fi Connection will be taken offline. The main ones? Online play, matchmaking and leaderboards for Wii, DS and DSi games. Nintendo did point out that these games will remain playable offline. Here’s the list of all affected games.

Nintendo is leaving non-gaming services alone. Apps such as YouTube and Hulu will be unaffected by the May 20 shutdown.

“We at Nintendo sincerely thank our fans for their continued support of our company’s legacy systems. Your enthusiasm for games made for these systems speaks to their longevity, and the passion of Nintendo fans,” Nintendo said in a statement.

The Wii Shop Channel and the Nintendo DSi Shop will not be “affected at this time.” The ‘this time’ wording suggests these services could be on the chopping block at some point in the future.

The move to shut down online play shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many developers do the same such as EA.


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