That’s one way for Nintendo to show its cards in regards to mobile. Make the entire console portable.

For better or worse, Nintendo forges its own path. They don’t chase the best graphics. Instead, they create something that is uniquely Nintendo. Rumors have swirled about Nintendo’s next console, code-named NX, and those rumors are hitting new levels today thanks to a Eurogamer report.

From previous reports, most of us were expecting Nintendo NX to be some kind of handheld/console mashup. But Eurogamer’s report is suggesting NX won’t be a hybrid machine. It will be completely portable. You can still hook it up to a TV via a docking station, but the system itself is completely portable. And that’s not even the craziest part. The handheld console is also packing detachable controllers according to the report.

Here’s a mockup of what the console might look like.

Nintendo NX illustration

Illustration from Eurogamer

Eurogamer’s report also says the Nintendo NX will use cartridges. That matches an earlier rumor from May. And with the major changes in physical media and hardware, don’t expect Nintendo NX to be backward compatible.

The report says Nintendo is using a Nvidia Tegra processor. Graphical parity with Xbox One and PS4 (which are both about to receive mid-gen upgrades) is not at the top of the list for Nintendo. And it shouldn’t be. Everyone who plays Call of Duty on Xbox One and PS4 aren’t suddenly going to flock to the NX. Nintendo knows they need to stand out from the other two hardware manufacturers. What better way than to launch a souped-up handheld.

If this report pans out, Nintendo is taking a big chance. But you have to respect them for doing their own thing. It’s easy to say Nintendo should create a console similar to the Xbox One and PS4. But why should they? I wouldn’t buy an NX if it were just like the other two consoles. But a dedicated portable console? I still might not buy it, but Nintendo sure as hell has my attention.

Eurogamer says Nintendo plans to unveil the system to the world in September. And Nintendo has already said they plan to release it in March 2017. How big is the NX? How much? What software will it launch with? These are the big questions Nintendo will need to answer in the second half of 2016.

Nintendo excels at grabbing the attention of the gaming world. This report sounds infinitely more exciting than a home console built to compete with the others consoles out there. Plus, Nintendo developers might all be under one roof developing for one system.

If the price is right, and the software is there – I could see myself jumping back in with Nintendo. Could you?

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