Nintendo might be embracing mobile gaming, but it’s not ready to turn its back on Quality of Life (QoL) products. A NeoGAF user spotted a series of recently published Nintendo patents describing a sleep monitoring device.

Here’s the main device.

Nintendo sleep monitor

And the display system and information processing system.

nintendo sleep monitor and projection

Nintendo’s sleep monitor comes packed with sensors, a microphone and a camera. It will keep track of your temperature, pulse rate and how you’re sleeping. The display system includes a projector that can project a predetermined image on the ceiling. (see image above)

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a sleep device from Nintendo. In 2014, the video game maker announced they were working on a device to measure a person’s fatigue and monitor their sleep. At the time, the late Satoru Iwata said, “by measuring our know-how in gaming… to analyse sleep and fatigue, we can create something fun.”

There’s still a lot we don’t know about this QoL product. But the patents give us an idea of the direction Nintendo is heading in.

Nintendo’s sleep tracking device instantly brings back memories of the company’s Vitality Sensor.

Nintendo eventually scrapped the Vitality Sensor, “because we could not get to work as expected.”

Will the push into QoL products result in new gaming experiences? Or, is this just Nintendo entering a new sector? Nintendo isn’t saying much.

Plus, these are just patents. It may or may not become an eventual product.

The Vitality Sensor was much further along before Nintendo ended up scrapping it. But, what Nintendo is trying to do here is smart. This sleep monitor isn’t as intrusive as the Vitality Sensor (which you had to wear). Plus, everyone loves tracking how little sleep they get.


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