Joe Vargas, a well-known YouTube gamer personality, is earning his title ‘Angry Joe.’ The target of his ire? Nintendo. He is joining the list of scratching Nintendo corporate off his Christmas card list.

Why? Because Nintendo does not want individuals making money of game sessions shared on YouTube. Claiming copyright infringement, the company is quick to file takedown notices if you do not comply with their set of rules.

It’s a murky area. Video games are input based entertainment, unlike songs and movies. You can’t just turn on Mario and leave it. You’ll be looking at the start screen for a long time. I get that companies do not want people playing through a whole game and posting.

Instead, YouTubers offer small playthrough sessions and commentary. Is that enough to avoid infringement claims? YouTube certainly doesn’t care enough to look, and it gives Nintendo legal something to do.

Here’s what happened over the weekend to piss Joe off.

Nintendo Creators Program

Joe’s rant comes in the wake of Nintendo launching a YouTube policy dubbed the Creators Program. You can share approved games on YouTube, as long as you share revenue with Nintendo. Who knew Nintendo was that desperate for cash? I know the Yen has been taking a beating, but damn.

The policy immediately faced backlash, including criticism from top YouTube star, PewDiePie. That hasn’t stopped demand for entrance into the program, which is still in beta. What can you say? People love Mario.

For Vargas, his Nintendo rant doesn’t mean he’s anti-Nintendo. He regularly touts the Wii U, saying it is more enjoyable than his Xbox One and PS4. According to him, he’s spent $900 on his Wii U setup, including the system, games and controllers.

Below is his rant on Nintendo’s monetization policy for YouTube personalities.


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