A dash of Dark Souls. A pinch of Onimusha. Some flying sharks. And a killer Shiba Inu puppy. This is Nioh, an action game from the folks at Team Ninja that meshes samurai and supernatural creatures together. I didn’t think a Shiba Inu would ever fall into the class of supernatural creature, but Team Ninja found a way.

Team Ninja is perhaps best known for their fast-paced Ninja Gaiden. Nioh appears to tone that down a notch. That’s why nearly all of us compare it to Dark Souls. It doesn’t look quite as slow and methodical as Dark Souls, but it’s also not the frenetic action we are used to seeing from the folks at Team Ninja.

We’ll know for sure which side of the spectrum Nioh leans towards later this month. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja will give all PlayStation 4 owners a small (and brief) taste of Nioh.

Starting April 26th and lasting through May 5th, you can download and play through the Alpha Demo. After May 5th, you’ll have to wait for Nioh’s release to play it again. No specific release date has been given, but Koei Tecmo did say it’s coming this year.

Nioh dog

Did you know: You think The Last Guardian has been a long time coming? Nioh was first announced ten years ago. “Ten years have passed since Nioh was originally announced. Even during all that time though, gamers would always ask about it at events like E3 and Gamescom. We always felt support from the gamers around the world for this title,” says Kou Shibusawa.

Dark Souls as inspiration

It’s not just the slower movement that gives us Dark Souls vibes. Team Ninja’s own comments describe the game as challenging and will test your patience.

Kou Shibusawa, General Producer of Nioh, teases – “Players who manage to clear a stage of this the Alpha demo will be able to download The Mark of the Conqueror DLC. This will entitle you to some special DLC in the full game.”

The developers are convinced they’ve developed a challenging game. We’ll see what gamers have to say later this month. Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne have given us plenty of challenges and even more patience.

The first thing I thought of when I saw Nioh gameplay was Onimusha. And that’s more than enough for me to download the Alpha Demo and give it a whirl.

Here are six minutes of gameplay from TGS 2015. It should give you a better idea of what to expect when you play Nioh later this month.

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