The next Call of Duty’s big reveal is still a ways off, but it looks like jetpacks won’t be a part of it. Treyarch’s design lead David Vonderhaar gave an emphatic ‘no’ when asked about the feature returning on Twitter.

He then had a little fun when another person jokingly insisted jetpacks would “revive cod!”

Call of Duty’s era of advanced movement began with Advanced Warfare, continued through Black Ops 4, and wrapped up in Infinite Warfare. After that, the community demanded a return to the franchise’s older movement, and the developers listened for the past three Call of Duty’s (WWII, Black Ops 4, and now Modern Warfare). Treyarch’s 2020 Call of Duty will make it four in a row.

While official info on Call of Duty 2020 won’t hit until a mid-year reveal, a 2019 report from Kotaku touched on Treyarch’s taking over of the 2020 game and its setting. Raven and Sledgehammer were co-developing the game, but tensions between the two companies made development a mess. Treyarch was brought in to right the ship and get the game ready for its 2020 target.

Kotaku also reports the game is taking place during the Cold War, “likely involving Vietnam.” And with Vonderhaar adamant the next game won’t include jetpacks, a Cold War setting makes sense.

While we wait another five months or so for the next Call of Duty reveal, Modern Warfare is still in the midst of its first season. A Battle Royale mode has been long-rumored, but so far, we haven’t heard anything official. We shall see what else the devs over at Infinity Ward have planned for season 1 as January rolls along.

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