What is No Man’s Sky? It’s a question Hello Games’ Sean Murray is asked all the time.

Sean Murray and Hello Games are getting their opportunity to tell us exactly what No Man’s Sky is with July’s IGN First.

After kicking off the coverage with an 18-minute gameplay demo, IGN talked to Hello Games about how the game’s economy works.

“We want trading to be fun. We want it to be understandable, because already the game’s already quite large,” Sean Murray tells IGN.

How? No Man’s Sky’s UI plays an important role. Look at any footage of No Man’s Sky. Hello Games have fully embraced a minimalist UI. I love it.

Another factor? Giving players a choice. No Man’s Sky is touted as a complete sandbox experience. Murray touches on this player choice in the video below. Want to find the resources on your own? Go for it. Want to just travel from system to system buying stuff as you go? You can do that too.

We caught a glimpse of the game’s economy during No Man’s Sky’s E3 demo. (see the elements on the bottom of the screen)

No Man's Sky elements

Watch IGN’s video above to learn more about No Man’s Sky’s economy.

Man, I never get tired of hearing Sean talk about the game. He loves making this game.

No Man’s Sky is promising infinite possibilities. The biggest challenge is delivering on the insane amount of hype surrounding it. Just the sheer amount of gameplay mechanics blow my mind. We have an in-game economy, spaceships, exploration, ground combat and more.

No Man’s Sky has the potential to be incredible. Can it? My only concern is the game crushing itself under its massive scale. I don’t know if Hello Games will deliver, but the more I hear them talk about their game – the more I want to play it.

Let me know what you think of No Man’s Sky. Do you think Hello Games can deliver with their vision of No Man’s Sky?


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