I’m trying to hold off. No Man’s Sky is out now on PS4, but I want the PC version. And the wait until Friday is killing me. Hello Games released the launch trailer today and it looks fantastic.

Man, I hope that space battle plays as good as it looks. And that 60 frames per second goodness? Yep, that’s one reason why I’m waiting for the PC version.

For those wondering, the PS4 version does run at 30 frames per second. Eurogamer took a deep look at the technical side of things. No Man’s Sky runs at 1080p/30fps on PS4. There are some occasional dips due to the procedural nature of the game, but Eurogamer says it takes a deliberate action for those dips to happen. From the article:

These drops are essentially a trade-off for not having any loading times, and letting everything render in seamlessly. It’s a distraction for sure, but equally, it does takes a very deliberate course of action to make it happen. Bringing the game back to 30fps is also easy, and overall, it’s worth putting up with to enjoy the game’s unique, seamless approach to exploration.

Overall, No Man’s Sky looks great on PS4. And unless you go full throttle in one direction for a lengthy amount of time, you shouldn’t see any major dips in frame rate.

No Man's Sky space

As for the launch trailer above? The 60 FPS tells us it’s gameplay from the PC version. If you need more 60 frames per second footage of No Man’s Sky, check out IGN’s 21-minute demo from April.

Dammit. These videos aren’t helping me.

I’m really digging the launch trailer. Hell, I think it does a better job than the four videos before at showing us exactly what No Man’s Sky is about. And if you still can’t figure it out, you haven’t been paying attention. You explore the universe while surviving and upgrading your equipment and ship. There’s trading, space combat and more.

Fun in No Man’s Sky is about how you play it. If you’re looking for a structured game, this one probably isn’t for you. If you want the freedom to explore what you want, how you want – No Man’s Sky sounds right up your alley.

I just hope there’s little mysteries tucked away on every planet.

Are you playing No Man’s Sky right now? Or are you torturing yourself waiting for Friday’s PC release to get here?

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