You’re dying. That’s the message we get from No Man’s Sky ‘Survive’ trailer. Whether it’s brutal cold, heat, toxic gas or radiation – the planets of No Man’s Sky are out to get you.

There isn’t much surviving going on in the trailer, but we do get a great look at the different types of planets we will be visiting. And it’s not just the heat or cold that’s trying put a halt to our journey through the galaxy.

Ugly bastards like this turn No Man’s Sky into a horror game.

No Mans Sky evil ant

I don’t know what the hell it is, but I’m shooting first asking questions later.

We get a good look at several new multi-tools we’ll be using to blast mean looking creatures like the one above.

No Man's Sky multi-tool

another No Man's Sky multi-tool

Distress beacons also litter the ground.

No Man's Sky distress beacon

And I’m pumped to see how diverse the planets appear to be.

No Man's Sky grassy planet

No Man's Sky icy planet

No Man's Sky water planet

I think No Man’s Sky is going to have a lot more action (and busy work) than most of us thought. Previous gameplay demos showed a mostly peaceful game with Hello Games’ Sean Murray teasing the game’s potential. Which makes sense. Sean doesn’t want to have to run around with toxic warnings blaring while he’s trying to demo the game.

The four trailers don’t do a perfect job illustrating the finer points of No Man’s Sky, but here’s what we can glean from them.

Exploration is the key pillar here. Everything else revolves around it. Once you touch down on a given planet, you’ll hunt for resources, kill some creatures, fight off Sentinels, find artifacts, learn languages and survive. Until the next planet.

My biggest concern is how much time are we going to spend collecting elements to recharge our suits, so we don’t die from whatever environmental hazard plagues a planet. Obviously, every planet is different. And maybe we are seeing some of the planets closer to the center of the galaxy?

No Man's Sky elements

Gathering elements to recharge our suits.

I’m not harping on the difficulty, it’s just something to keep in mind as we start playing it in a couple of weeks. I want to explore and shoot stuff. Not have warnings always blaring in my ears.

That’s been the problem will all of these trailers. A one-minute trailer full of quick cuts doesn’t do a good job of showing what the game is about.

Take Minecraft’s official trailer. Only a minute-long, but it explains exactly what Minecraft is all about.

I was hoping the trailers for No Man’s Sky would take a similar approach.

But Hello Games doesn’t need to sell me on their game. I’m staring at my calendar right now wishing August 9th was here already.

Want to see more No Man’s Sky? I can’t recommend this demo with Sean Murray enough. It does the best job of illustrating what we’ll be doing the first day we sit down with the game.

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