The January update for Star Wars Battlefront is still coming, but it won’t include any new maps. Let’s break down the confusion.

Earlier this week, a video posted by EA Brasil (which has been taken down) indicated a new Tatooine map was on the way. The video confirmed the DLC pack was part of the free DLC packs DICE announced following the release Battlefront. Besides Tatooine, new outfits for Luke and Leia were mentioned in the video.

A couple of days ago, a Star Wars Battlefront community manager wrote, “alongside this update (January), you will see our first drop of free additional content.” This post combined with the EA Brasil video led everyone to assume the Tatooine map is coming this month.

Lead lighting artist Oscar Carlen cleared up “some misinformation” in a tweet this morning.

BattlefrontUpdates has a good point about DICE employees going out of their way to confirm/deny news. Then again, Carlen probably just wants everyone to manage their expectations.

What about that forum post that mentioned the “first drop of free additional content?” DICE isn’t only making maps as part of the free content. Star Cards and Skins are also part of their free DLC plans.

As for what’s included in the update and when it’s coming? No details on both fronts besides a vague ‘January’ date. Carlen touched on why it’s taking so long in another tweet.

There’s about a week left in January. Clock’s ticking if they want to get it released before the end of the month.

What kind of Battlefront DLC do you want?

Let’s focus on premium DLC. Here is what DICE says is coming as part of the DLC pass.

20+ items (weapons, vehicles, Star Cards)
4 Heroes and Villains
16 new multiplayer maps featuring ‘new locations’
4 new game modes

We all want Darth Maul and Chewie, but what are some other characters you would like DICE to add? Give me Jabba the Hutt just for the sheer absurdity. Oh, and Lando.

As for planets? Flying X-wings and TIE fighters around the skyscrapers of Coruscant would be badass. Kessel, Dagobah and Bespin would also be solid choices. I’m assuming DICE has to follow canon, so check out the list here and let me know what planets you want to see added.

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