Congratulations Academy Awards. You couldn’t even wait until the show to have you Adele Dazeem moment for 2015. During the nominations ceremony, Academy President Cheryl Isaacs mispronounced one of the nominees for Best Cinematography.

Dick Pope for Mr. Turner was the nominee, but it came out as Dick Poop. Now, he has to win. Just for the acceptance speech. Sorry other nominees, this is needed for the good of the Internet.

Because this is the social media age, Dick Poop started trending on Twitter. You know, as many people live on Twitter, what’s the deal with the flatlining growth? I’m not sure this helps the stock, with Dick Poop as a trending topic worldwide.

Because we all love juvenile jokes (quit lying, you do), the Internet has been flooded with people enjoying the moment. Evidently, someone was psychic this day would come. Whoever David Davidson is, take a bow my friend. He registered the username on Twitter back in 2009.

No tweets, and only 17 followers. Man, wherever you are, password recover that account and get to work.

Various twitter celebrities had fun at Ms. Isaacs expense. She quickly fixed her slip, but nothing is ever ‘fixed’ when it comes to the Internet.

Grab that Oscar Dick. I’m rooting for you buddy.


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