Helldivers 2 fastest selling playstation game

No PlayStation Game Has Sold Faster Than Helldivers 2. Ever

In 12 weeks, Helldivers 2 sold 12 million copies, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation game ever, according to Sony. No one expected Helldivers 2 to sell like this, with Sony proclaiming that the sales had “far exceeded expectations.” 

Helldivers 2 not only set a new record in sales but also marked a significant shift in Sony’s release strategy. The co-op shooter was simultaneously launched on PS5 and PC (via Steam), a move that was accompanied by a more affordable price point of $39.99, a departure from the usual $59.99 price tag of PlayStation games. 

With the game launching on PC at the same time, it was obvious it was going to be PlayStation’s biggest title. “The game has become our biggest PC hit to date, and as a multi-platform title, it also contributed significantly to sales and profit last quarter,” according to Sony.

But what kind of platform split are we talking about? Steam accounts for more than half of the sales. Circana’s Mat Piscatella said about 60% of Helldviers 2 sales in February were from Steam. It wouldn’t surprise me if this split steadily increased since Helldivers 2 is still in the top 10 on Steam for top-selling games by revenue. 

While the recent pushback over the PSN sign led to review bombing and Sony reversing its decision, it doesn’t seem to have translated into lost sales for PlayStation games. Helldivers 2 remains one of Steam’s top-selling games, and Ghost of Tsushima joins it at #5. 

As for the rest of PlayStation? The platform is still in a very powerful position. In the U.S., sales are still 7% ahead of PS4 and 66% ahead of PS3 at the same point in their life cycles. But the best days of the PS5 are probably behind it from a hardware sales standpoint. Sony announced 20.8 million units sold in its most recent fiscal year (FY23), which barely missed their 21 million target. For FY24, Sony expects to sell 18 million. 

However, those numbers could be higher depending on how well the long-rumored PS5 Pro is received. As summer kicks off, publishers and developers show off all the new stuff they are working on. Xbox has already penciled in a June 9 date for its Showcase. Last year, Sony held its Showcase in late May. So, it shouldn’t be long until we hear something about the next piece of PlayStation hardware.