Self-discipline. Yeah, we all made those New Year’s resolutions and here it is January 2. Did you go to the gym? Quit eating Little Debbie? Stop drinking sugary soda? Well, one 11-year-old kid from Montana has already one-upped us all. Jon Sarisky took his parents challenge from a year ago to stop drinking soda for $500.

Jon and his brother Andrew had a choice. Take $100 guaranteed and keep popping Mountain Dews, or a year long quest for $500. Andrew opted for the $100, while Jon took the challenge for the grand prize. His last sugary soda was a Fanta Orange on January 3, 2014.

Way to stack up the sugar on the last one Jon. His parents were strict on the policy too. It was completely zero-tolerance. It even had some serious fine print. “Attempts to circumvent the spirit of this agreement are fraudulent and strictly prohibited.”

Jon’s parents moonlite as credit card agreement writers.

The idea of the challenge was to teach their kids self-discipline and delayed gratification can offer up big rewards. Sorry Andrew. His mom said the challenge has done wonders for his self-confidence. And his humor.

Asked what he was going to do with the cash, he told the Livingston Enterprise, ‘I could buy 500 pops.’ Way to go kid. How is he going to celebrate the year-long sabbatical. With a cold soda? He’s promising not to overdo it, just have one here and there when he wants to spurge. Live large man. Live large.

As for how he managed to pull it off? He focused on the payday. He said if it was just $100, he couldn’t have made it. “The price was right.”

So, what about the rest of us? Could you give up soda for a year? Or completely? I know I need to, but damn you Coca Cola for making this battery acid addicting.

Name some of your personal challenges and what it would take for you to do it.

Photo Credit: Enterprise photos by Hunter D’Antuono

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