Maybe it’s the Southerner in me, but aren’t window air conditioner units supposed to be ugly and downright evil?

You’re upending my world, Noria. The point of a window AC is the battle to get the damn thing installed. The struggle is part of the journey through hell. It’s supposed to sound like a 757 is idling next to your bedroom.

Noria Home

Based in Philadelphia, Noria Home is taking on a market that has seen little innovation in 60 years. The window mounted – I use the term loosely for some of you – air conditioner.

Noria AC thermostat

Noria is addressing every gripe we have about a window AC. Pain in the ass to install? Not anymore thanks to its window frame adapter. Install it first and then slide the Noria AC in. No more balancing acts with your family both inside and outside with a pickup truck.

What? It’s Alabama. You’d use a truck too over a ladder.


That covers the installation. Now, the second biggest gripe. They are ugly. The company recognized the untapped market and unveiled a unit that is both sleek and stylish. At less than six inches tall, a Noria will not take up your entire window. Throw open the shade and enjoy a bit of sunlight.

Keeping things simple is a control knob that is both intuitive and gets rid of the incessant button mashing of current window units.

The low-profile engineering changed up how the team structured the fans. Instead of blowing cold air directly out, the fans are directed upward to create convective cooling. A 5,000 BTU/hr unit can cool your average size bedroom with ease.

Want to bring the outside indoors? On cool summer nights (the Noria team doesn’t live in the south), you can switch the compressor off, and the unit will pull in fresh air. Its onboard thermostat ensures the temp won’t dip too low for those that like to sleep warm. Those people exist?

Noria Specs

Below are the specs and performance numbers for the Nora window AC:

Cooling Type: Vapor-compression refrigeration using environmentally and ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant

Cooling Capacity: 5,000 BTU/hour

Room size: Up to 160 square feet.

Power Consumption: approximately 460-480 watts, for an EER we estimate to be 10.4 to 10.8.

Size: 5.8”H x 18.25”W x 15”D

Window Opening size: 21″ to 36″ wide.

Window Type: Single or double-hung window frames

Weight: Approximately 30 pounds

The small footprint allows for easy storage outside the summer months. Slide it out of the window adapter and store it under a normal bed frame. Platform beds may run into issues, but at 30 pounds, you can easily haul it over to your closet.

Noria Home App. Come on. You know it’s going to have an app. Using Bluetooth LE, the app can turn the AC on/off from the comfort of your bed and set up scheduling to run the unit when you’re out of the house.

Kickstarting Noria

The delivery times are a bit of a wait. If you want it before this summer, temper those expectations Ship dates for the Noria are slated for March 2017. Is it a wait? Yes, but the company is promising beta testing programs for the Philadelphia area and constant communication with backers.

Already, the campaign is nearing the halfway point of its $250,000 goal with 44 days to go.

Pricing for a Noria AC starts at $299. Need two? $549 is the price tag for the company’s Frosty Package.

Learn more over at the Noria campaign page.

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