Someone forgot their meds when creating the commercials for last night. Either it was the dead kid for Nationwide, GoDaddy phoning it in or whatever the hell Mercedes was trying to do.

That was a sick car from Mercedes – just the commercial was incompetent. The coolest commercial was the most over the top – Furious 7. Yeah, daddy has to go to work. So ridiculous, yet I will be there Day One.

Ranking the commercials according to fans, Budweiser wins again with the Clydesdale horses saving the puppy from the coyote. eSurance slapped the easy button and trotted out Walter White for its spot. And Snickers made me glad I’m not apart of the Brady Bunch generation.

An interesting phenomenon about these commercials? Lack of virality. None of them push hashtags or urged people to hit social media. Maybe Katy Perry’s LSD trip of a halftime show just put everyone in a stupor?

Prime Visibility’s Dave Neuman discussed the commercials.

“A lot of users were disappointed with this year’s commercials since there were fewer ‘funny ones’ than what you typically see at the Super Bowl. That, along with the fact, that less companies were using hashtags in their ad likely had an impact on the volume of conversations,” says Neuman. “Whether this is a sign of a new trend or just a fluke? While it’s tough to predict, I think it’s just a fluke. If you look at overall social engagement in general, it’s growing every year which leads me to believe that social chatter for major sporting events should also increase each year. Brands just need to step up their game in 2016!”

While people were losing their mind over the halftime show and the end of the game, everyone was in agreement about the best and worst ads. The ranking of ads did not vary across cities or age groups.

Step it up next year Super Bowl. At this point, I think we would have all wanted to watch the Carl’s Jr. ad.


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