If you happened to be outside last night, you probably noticed that the moon seemed a bit bigger than usual. I could walk outside without a flashlight. Yeah, I live in a rural area. It was big enough in the sky last night to earn the title ‘supermoon’.

That’s not just a random nickname assigned to the event, it is actually when our moon is at its closest distance to us on Earth. The distance varies because of the elliptical orbit the moon follows. When it ranges in closer and is full, we get treated to a supermoon.

In actuality, the difference can be hard to tell with the casual eye. You may just walk out and find that it seems like a really bright moon. That was my experience last night.

Don’t worry if you missed this supermoon, you have two more shots at it this year. August 10 and September 9 will give us the full supermoon treatment. Also, if you follow the conspiracy blogs, people like to equate the moon activity with increased earthquakes and other madness.

In the end we just get one hell of a full moon. Just to prove this isn’t some Mayan 2012 conspiracy, we had three supermoons in a row last year. And the Earth didn’t crack in half.

Some of the funnier social media grabs are saying the moon heralded the return of LeBron James to Cleveland. I’m sure the Cavs will take whatever astrological luck they can get with that coup. Now if they can use that luck to acquire Kevin Love without giving up Wiggins. That will probably take more than a supermoon.

Be sure to grab a telescope for the next two. It should be quite the show.

Update: The moon was at its closest point in the pre-dawn hours, but should still put on a good show tonight and in to tomorrow night.


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