How do you make a camping hammock better?

Sierra Madre Research is on the case with the Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter. They realize I want to lay in the hammock during a downpour.

Rock on Sierra Madre.

The Nubé system is a three-part hammock tent. The biggest piece is the rain tarp that keeps you dry while you nap out to the sounds of a thunderstorm. An integrated bug shield keeps the West Nile away. Under your camping hammock is the suspended gear stash area.

One of the chief selling points of the Nubé 2.0 is it is compatible with any camping hammock. Have an Eagle Nest Outfitters hammock? It’ll work with the system.

The company sells combination packs for those lacking a camping hammock. I have more than one lying around the house.

Nubé 2.0

Shipping in June, the Nubé 2.0 is a redesign of the original seam system. Triple the strength, the company added seam tape all the seams vulnerable to water.

Those with a third-party hammock will be happy to know it comes with closure sleeves to prevent water running down the suspension straps.

Sierra Madre Nubé hammock shelter

Sierra Madre also shaved the weight down in version 2.0. In camping and hiking, weight is everything. The new system tips the scale at just over three pounds packed. For a complete shelter system, it doesn’t get much lighter.

Your camping spot lacking anchor points? The optional Nubé Floor allows users to use it as a ground tent. For those of you nutty enough to wait until the dead of winter to camp, the winter barrier affords four-season use.

Currently, the Nubé 2.0 is in preorders with a price tag of $275. The price jumps to $299 when it launches this summer.

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