Facebook and Twitter have you overwhelmed? There’s soon to be an app for that. Nuzzel, a social news startup, is counting on you having a cluttered Twitter timeline and Facebook news feed. The idea is that you enter your accounts for both, and it will timeline stories shared by your friends, either chronologically or by the most shares. Yes, you will still get those upworthy videos and list posts.

Currently, the service has emerged from beta and is available via desktop or mobile. As for dedicated apps, the iPhone app is said to be 95% done and will launch within a month or two. If you are browsing the site, you can also see news feeds created by other users. This is done by having a public twitter account linked to the service. Users can choose to make their feeds private through the service.

In beta, the company let in around 3,000 users to test out the service. Now, it will have to stand up against the broader public and see if a social news aggregator has appeal. Lacking dedicated apps for Android and iOS at launch is an interesting move for the company, as they will rely on their site first and then rolling out apps.

The brains behind the project? If you are an Internet veteran, you will remember Friendster. That was the social network before Myspace. Yeah, we are going back in time a bit – flip cell phones, the works. The company is a reunion of sorts for the Friendster executive staff with founder Jonathan Abrams heading up Nuzzel. The company recently hired former Friendster CEO Kent Lindstrom as its COO.

Those looking to manage their news feeds can check out Nuzzel.


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