Have a mini-human wrapped in fur that has a tendency to wander? GPS collars for pets have been around the block but haven’t solved the issue of size. Most you find are for hunting dogs, or the monthly fee is something that just piles on the outsized form factor.

Enter Nuzzle. It’s an Indiegogo campaign that wants to give every pet access to a GPS collar. Not just medium to large dogs. Even your cat.

My cat won’t even go outside, but if Nuzzle can pinpoint her various hiding spots, I’d appreciate it.

Nuzzle Features

The San Francisco-based company packed the collar with features. GPS is the major selling point, but it also tracks ambient temperature, collision detection and activity.

Nuzzle want to offer the most information in the smallest package. Temperature monitoring will let you know if it’s too hot or cold for your pet. I’ll go ahead and knock out the public service announcement. Winter is around the corner. Please don’t forget your pets.

Activity monitoring will show how much couch time your beast has enjoyed on the day. What? You thought they were going to sleep on the expensive dog beds? Nah, dog beds are for when they want to look impressive when company comes over. The couch and your bed is shared reluctantly with you.

Collision detection will detect if your pet is in an accident.

I’m glad I live back from any roads. I have two border collies. One I think was a FedEx driver in a previous life. I’ve never seen an animal absolutely despise a UPS truck. Just the truck.

lightning vs ups

I swear the chase is out of respect…

The other? He’s a gentleman who never met a stranger he didn’t love.


No More Fees

A welcome addition to Nuzzle is the lack of monthly fees. They aren’t saying which cellular partner they have, but it will provide nationwide 3G coverage to combine with GPS technology.

nuzzle colalr size

Nuzzle wants to make things easy and convenient for users. It’s also one hell of a selling point.

Once you have the Nuzzle collar and the app, you can geofence your house. If your pet wanders outside the zone, you get an immediate alert. No more great escape attempts by the band of fury Steve McQueens.


Lightweight. One of the biggest gripes about GPS collars has been weight. The unit weighs in at an ounce, making it easy to attach to small dogs and cats.

Battery life is impressive. Each Nuzzle comes with two rechargeable batteries lasting five days each. Depending on how close your pet is to the charging base will determine if the battery pulls off Bluetooth connectivity or cellular data.

Here are the full specs:

nuzzle collar specs

Indiegogo Campaign

The campaign has 17 days left with a flexible goal of $75,000. That goal should fall, with 287 backers pledging over $67,000.

Pricing for a Nuzzle is set at $159 and includes everything you need to go big brother on your ball of fur in the living room.

Like me and have multiple pets? Two Nuzzles are priced at $319. For me? I’d need the three-pack at $459.

Ship dates are set for March 2016.

Yes, my three animals are a part of the family. GPS technology is something vital for pet owners. I know firsthand what it is like to come home, and your dog is missing. My first dog. A decade of him chilling on the porch while we went to the store. Alex and I left for 30 minutes, and he vanished.

If Nuzzle can prevent that, it’s worth more than $159.

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