The Gray Lady Set Free With New York Times Now App Update
nyt now update

Need your New York Times fix? A new update to the NYT Now app ditches the $8 per month subscription fee. NYT Now targets young, mobile readers with a feed that gets updated with ‘the most important stories of the day.’

The paper’s editorial staff curates the stories from the New York Times and other sources, such as Buzzfeed. Hey, that damn dress is blue and black, and there are more than a dozen posts to prove it.

Why the move away from subscriptions? Lack of popularity. The New York Times acknowledge the app had not performed as hoped, and this update is the answer.

What the company loses in subscription revenue, they are hoping to make up in advertising. Already, Delta has signed on to be the app’s first sponsor. When you open the app, the welcome screen includes a mention of the sponsorship.

nyt now update

Outside of dropping subscriptions, the update brings some design tweaks and minor improvements.

Do You Cancel Your Subscription to NY Times?

No. Notice the description of the app update. It offers a selection of New York Times articles selected by the editorial staff. The app is not giving you full digital access to the New York Times.

The paywall still exists for unlimited digital access. Subscriptions run from $15 to $35 per month.

Also, the number of stories displayed is limited. Under the subscription model, twenty-five articles from the paper would be shown. That has been limited to ten when you open the app.

What does it mean for the New York Times? News is going mobile. We are all chained to a smartphone, and consumption has changed. The days of grabbing the paper are receding. It’s unfortunate, but technology is replacing the awesome feel of a newspaper.

What was once a static industry is now disrupted every day by new startups. The Gray Lady may be showing age, but at least she’s adapting.

A quick note to Android users. NYT Now’s update is iOS only. For now. I know, iOS always seems to be first in line for every app.

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