Another trailer for Battlefield Hardline was released late yesterday. This time it was intentional. The 44-second trailer teases the game’s single player story. Maybe Visceral can do what DICE has struggled with in recent years. Create a decent single player experience.

I don’t really get why DICE has struggled with single player. The Bad Company games were great. But, DICE has failed to recreate those in recent Battlefield titles.

Battlefield Hardline trades in the global military conflict for one centered on cops. It’s an interesting take, but I wonder how gamers will respond to it. Battlefield is known for massive, hectic multiplayer battles featuring tanks, attack helicopters and jets. How that translates to Hardline will be interesting to see.

Battlefield Hardline Gets a Release Date

EA is keeping its late October release for their latest Battlefield title. Battlefield Hardline will release on October 21. Something is going to flop in October, or games are going to be delayed. There are way too many games stacked in one month. As a gamer, I’m not complaining. But, someone’s going to be disappointed with their sales that month.

Look for more details on Battlefield Hardline at EA’s E3 press conference next week. We should see official multiplayer footage next week as well. Battlefield trailers are always a treat.


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