Divers have been left out of the action 4K camera market for far too long. Octospot aims to change that with its dive camera. No additional housing. No ridiculous array of buttons. And it doesn’t suddenly quit working when you decide to wear diving gloves.

Octospot isn’t salty at GoPro; the company wants something for their niche. It’s clear in the Kickstarter campaign; the company has three goals. It had to be for divers, reliable and more than tough. Ok, and maybe a little salty over the fisheye look that befalls most action cameras. Who isn’t?

Divers are a special breed. You’re not slipping beneath the waves with gear that is sensitive. It either stands the test of the environment, or you leave it on the boat. Capturing underwater adventures shouldn’t involve outlandishly expensive cameras, but should be accessible to the average diver.

Who knows what you might see? If you find sunken treasure, that’s not meant for a YouTube video. Just mark that spot and come back later. No reason to put it out there for the rest of the world.


Octospot Features

It’s all about durability. Engineered from anodized aluminum and polycarbonate, the action camera can hit depths of 200 meters or 656 feet. A two button design creates a user experience that is easy to record your dives. No fumbling through multi-button presses or a menu for the correct settings.


Octospot also ensures you look like a badass on your vacation. A built-in pressure sensor will overlay dive data (temperature and depth) on your video. It also serves as the camera’s AWB sensor to correct for the loss of color as you slip deeper beneath the surface.

It’s the AWB feature that allows the camera to forgo filters. It will adjust for your depth, and the onboard electronic image stabilization will smooth out the shaky cam. EIS isn’t perfect, but for a vacation video and chronicling your dives? It gets the job done.

See a perfect moment underwater? Snap Recording allows you to mark short clips to easily share on social media. Hold the activation switch for three seconds and it automatically will store the clips. Once back on the boat or land, you can edit each via the Octospot app.

Diving With Ease of Use

Hitting a depth of 200 meters means diving gloves. The Octospot’s magnetic activation switch was designed with that specifically in mind. (it was tested with 7mm gloves). Keeping the controls simple, the company opted for an interface similar to a dive light. Rotate to the setting you want and you’re good.

Battery life hits 2 hours and is insulated with Thermo foam to minimize discharge issues in colder environments. It wouldn’t be an action camera if you couldn’t drop it. Each Octospot is shockproof to handle the ‘oops’ moment of dropping it on the deck of a boat.

Here is the complete technical spec readout:

octospot specs

Octospot Price and Kickstarter

The company is enjoying one hell of a crowdfunding campaign. With 26 days left, Octospot is well past its funding goal of $80,000.

Price for an Octospot has plenty of early bird specials. A $369 package has the dive camera, mask mount, and a universal mount. Ship dates for the early bird have it to backers in January 2017. Want it first? The $400 Alpha package will put you in the November alpha test with an Octospot. In addition to the alpha test camera, backers at that pledge tier will get the January package.

Learn more about the action camera made by divers for divers at the campaign page.

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