Oculus VR has high hopes for its tech and for its developers. To that end, the virtual reality company is planning its very own developers conference this fall.

Dubbed Oculus Connect, the conference will be held in Los Angeles on September 19-20. Engineers and designers throughout the VR landscape will be invited to discuss and collaborate with each other.

“With virtual reality’s momentum at an all-time high, this is a unique moment for the developer community to come together to take the virtual reality to the next level,” said Oculus in a statement.

Top officials of Oculus will also be on hand to deliver keynote speeches. CEO Brendan Iribe, Founder Palmer Luckey, Chief Technical Officer John Carmack and Chief Scientist Michael Abrash will deliver keynote speeches.

RakNet Acquired

Besides announcing a dedicated conference for developers, Oculus also announced it has acquired RakNet. Who is RakNet? They are one of the top networking middleware systems in the video game industry. RakNet has been licensed by thousands of developers and major companies including Unity, Sony and Havok.

Oh, and Oculus open-sourced RakNet today.

Oculus Continues to Clean Up Awards

Oculus’ last announcement today was another win for Game Critics Awards’ ‘Best Hardware at E3.’ It’s the second year in a row Oculus has won the award. Oculus continues to be the darling of the video games industry. Now, gives us the consumer version already.


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