But still no word on price. Starting Wednesday, you can reserve the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. Look for Oculus to reveal the price right before preorders go live. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is Jan. 6 – 9. Keynote conferences get started tonight with Nvidia at 9 p.m. ET. CES is as good a time as any to reveal pricing for the Oculus Rift.

In their blog post, Oculus reminds us that every Rift comes with Lucky’s Tale (developed by Playful) and EVE: Valkyrie (developed by CCP).

Here’s a gameplay trailer for Lucky’s Tale.

And EVE: Valkyrie.

Lucky’s Tale is a weird pick. A game that looks like it’s made for kids for a device that’s going to cost north of $300? It just seems strange. Then again, Oculus must feel really good about it to package it in with every Rift. Lucky’s Tale will be the first experience for many people in VR. It has to be great. And Oculus believes it is.

Here’s a great interview (via GameXplain) of Playful’s Dan Hurd talking about designing Lucky’s Tale.

Will VR be a success, or a dud?

PlayStation VR

That’s the million-dollar question. Kevin Rose (of Digg fame) talked about his five tech predictions for 2016 a few days ago. One of them? Yep, VR. He believes it will be a dud. “Great initial ‘wow’ experience, but ultimately just a big chunk of tech that will collect dust in the corner,” Rose writes.

It’s a popular stance. And one that’s hard to argue against. I bought the Rift dev kit 2 last year. After a few days full of ‘holy shit’ moments, I tossed it into a box and haven’t touched it since. Still, I’m not going to predict a VR dud just yet. I need to see how much the Oculus Rift (HTC Vive and PlayStation VR) are going to be first. Price will be the biggest obstacle (the Rift and the PC needed to run it). After that, it’s software.

And it can’t be just video games. The sky’s the limit for VR. Education. Medical. Tourism. All of these areas could offer incredible VR experiences. Once the Rift is on our heads, it’s up to the developers to keep it there.

VR is going to be a slow burn. Great word of mouth will be key to its success. It’ll see an initial surge at release, but the first buyers taking it to their friends and family will be key.

And countless YouTube videos show us that VR blows people away. Now if companies can just get the price right…

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