Here’s something to take your mind off the past month’s brutal winter. Take a virtual zipline through an exotic Amazon rainforest courtesy of Google Street View.

Google is no stranger to the Amazon rainforest. They have included the rainforest since 2012. But, this zipline is a first.

Google partnered with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, a local nonprofit conservation organization, to add the first zipline tour to the Google Maps Street View Collection.

Soar through the rainforests’ canopy and marvel at the places millions of plants and insects call home.

“Zip back down to the forest floor, and wind through a maze of towering old-growth trees. Looking up, the canopies are so thick, the sun barely peeks through,” Google Earth Outreach Program Manager Karin Tuxen-Bettman writes in a blog post.

Want to keep your virtual feet closer to the ground? Float down the Rio Aripuanã or the Rio Mariepauá as you make your way to the Rio Madeira, one of the largest tributaries in the Amazon.

And, stop by more than a dozen communities of local people living along the river and in the forest. “These people are the devoted stewards of the river and forests, and protect it by living with it, preventing the destruction of the trees and the life that depends on them,” Tuxen-Bettman writes.

Here’s a short video showing off some of the sights Google Street View captured. Check out the tour here.

Does Google’s virtual zipline have you feeling adventurous? Live near North Carolina? Check out The Gorge. I did this last summer and had a blast. You won’t be disappointed.

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