Oklahoma City Just Smashed Its May 6th Rainfall Record By Nearly 5 Inches
Oklahoma tornado

UPDATE: Fixed the headline and the article to reflect the record was only broken for May 6, not all time. Thanks Brad.

Before yesterday, the largest rainfall on a May 6 was 2.61 inches back on May 6, 1930. The new record stands at more than 7 inches of rain. May 6, 2015 now sits at third for the top 5 rainfall days dating back to November 1, 1890.

Severe thunderstorms and torrential rains pummelled the middle portion of the country yesterday. Local reports say 12 people, 2 critically, were hurt when a tornado ripped through an RV park in Oklahoma.

The images below show the aftermath. You can see several RVs flipped over.

The Bridge Creek area was also hit hard by a tornado.

This rain wrapped tornado may have been one mile wide.

While tornadoes were the immediate threat, it soon became apparent that the heavy rains would become one too. For the first time ever, a flash flood emergency was issued for the Oklahoma City area.

Here’s what 7 inches of rain did in various parts of the Oklahoma City area.

Severe storms and heavy rains will impact the area through this weekend. Saturday might be the worst day for parts of Oklahoma and Kansas. The National Weather Service already has this area under a ‘moderate’ risk of severe weather. This means a significant outbreak of tornadoes is possible.

severe weather map for saturday

Today, parts of Oklahoma are under a ‘marginal’ to ‘slight’ risk of tornadoes. The biggest issue today will be flooding from any additional rain.

Keep a close eye on the weather if you live in the middle portion of the country today.

Image credit: KFOR

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