Are You One of the 15 Million People Paying for Spotify?
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Spotify gave us an update on their user figures today. The music streaming company has 60 million active users – 15 million of which are paying.

What kind of growth is this? Two months ago Spotify had 50 million users with 12.5 million paying users. Spotify has been constantly maintaining a 25% ratio of paying subscribers. Not too shabby. I just joined the paying club in December.

TechCrunch has an image showing how users listen to Spotify. 52% of you listen on mobile or tablet (42% mobile, 10% tablet). Another 45% listen on their desktop. Just 3% of you use the web player.

In a blog post announcing the latest user numbers, Spotify thanks all of those who use their service. “We had an amazing 2014 at Spotify and owe it all to you, the music fans who listen, discover, share and celebrate music and artists with us every day of the year.”

2015 will be an interesting year for Spotify. Competition in the music streaming place is higher than ever. Spotify will fight for user share with big heavyweights including Apple and Google, and other companies including Pandora and Rdio.

Another concern has to be Taylor Swift’s exit from Spotify. How will Spotify make sure other big name artists don’t do the same? Then again, few artists have the pull Taylor Swift has right now. Her huge fan base will follow her anywhere. More importantly, they buy CDs. Other artists can’t say the same.

Are you one of the 15 million people paying for Spotify? If so, how are you liking it? Also, what features would you like to see added in 2015?

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