Warzone 2 one shot snipers

One Shot Snipers Are Back With Warzone 2 Season 3 (UPDATE)

For a brief moment, one-shot snipers made an appearance in Warzone 2. Snipers paired with Incendiary Rounds could knock players with a single headshot. But that was quickly hot-fixed. Warzone 2’s developers are now ready to make one-shot snipers an official part of the weapon meta.

In another blog post covering what’s coming in Season 3, the developers dropped this little tidbit:

“Expect the return of one-shot sniper rifles – under certain attachment and platform conditions – as part of this seasonal update.”

No details on exactly which attachment will be needed to make snipers gain the one-shot capability. Before, it was tied to the ammo slot with Incendiary Rounds. It wouldn’t shock me if the devs stayed within that ammo attachment category. It would be easier than tweaking various barrel attachments to make each sniper capable of a one-shot headshot.

UPDATE 4/11: The devs detailed how the snipers will become one-shot in a newly released blog post. They are sticking with the ammo slot and snipers equipped with Explosive Ammo will be able to knock players with “one skill shot.” (likely a headshot) From the blog post:

“Bolt-action snipers equipped with Explosive Ammunition will be able to down enemies with one skill shot. The MCPR-300 has also had Explosive Ammunition added to its progression.”

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It’s an excellent and long-awaited change. I rarely grab a sniper these days because of the lack of a one-shot down. I’m better off grabbing an AR/LMG and pairing it with an SMG. Giving sniper rifles a bump in usability should also help freshen up the gameplay loop. 

It’ll give folks more leeway when rotating toward the safe zone. Right now, you almost always need smokes to get anywhere safely. Now, a quick shot or two from a sniper rifle levels the playing field as you move across open ground. Does the other team take a few vital seconds to pick up their teammate, or do they stay focused on your team?

Season 3 is bringing a ton of new content and changes to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Resurgence is expanding to Al Mazrah. There’s a new Gulag. Plunder 2.0 returns. New Ground War and multiplayer maps. And plenty more. Watch for patch notes this week to see what changes are coming to your favorite weapons.