If you are a diehard Steve Jobs fan, some bad news today. After casting essentially blew up in their face, Sony is dropping the Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs film. For now, there isn’t a reason behind the drop, but speculation is rampant. It could be anything from casting to the important ‘will this make money?’

Variety’s Dave McNary broke the news on Sony abandonment. It’s the latest in a string of misfires from the movie. Plenty of headlines were made when Christian Bale publicly bowed out from the title role as Steve Jobs. Rumors were swirling that Seth Rogen was in the running to play Steve Wozniak, the co-founder.

There is a bit of hope. With Danny Boyle still attached as a director, the rumor mill is cranking up that Universal may swoop and grab the film. I think fans could stand a decent Steve Jobs. Yeah, decent. The original ‘Jobs’ film was so bad, the bar for success is somewhere around decent.

Ashton Kutcher starred in the 2013 ‘Jobs’ film scored a rotten 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now the only way now is up for any future Steve Jobs biopic.

Check back here for updates on if/when Universal or another studio signs on for the film.


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