Shaving purists, you just got put on notice. OneBlade has gone and made the safety razor sexy. Who needs five blades and a vibrating handle?

Wet shaving has been making a comeback for years. Small companies have turned scores of men back to the shaving of old. One blade, a brush and shaving cream. Does it take longer? Sure, but there’s not a closer shave to be had.

Besides, are you really in that big of a hurry? Take a minute and enjoy your morning. Or evening. We all have routines.

I’ll be the first to admit, product design gets me. And OneBlade either found one hell of a designer who deserves a raise or kidnapped someone from Apple.

How do I know? Look at the video.

I somehow heard that entire video in Jony Ive’s voice.

One Face for OneBlade

What OneBlade wants to do is combine the old school with a ton of new. It’s been engineered to the point I don’t think you engineer it further. And it’ll make you question why you’re spending more on disposable razors.

Made from German stainless steel, the OneBlade is coated to prevent corrosion and improve the overall feel. If you are worried about corrosion in your bathroom, it might be time to visit the cleaning aisle of your local grocery store.

It doesn’t stop at the handle. The head comes with a Teflon coated spring to keep us from pressing down too hard. You get the benefits of a safety razor without the costs of a learning curve.

OneBlade safety razor

Purists may take issue with that, but I guess I’m in that age range of I prefer to integrate technology where it makes sense. Another area where OneBlade put a new twist on the old guard is the blade loading system. It’s a quick load system that will have you swapping blades in no time. Anything to keep my bathroom from turning into CBS’s next idea for CSI is helpful.


Nope, not talking about Wesley Snipes looking to get paid. While safety razors save money on blades, you still gotta replace them at some point.

OneBlade takes it a bit further in encouraging you replace the blades for every shave. Do you have to? No, but if you want what they call the perfect shave, the answer is yes.

The company opted to use blades made in Japan from Feather. These are a bit thicker than what you’d buy at the store, but promise to eliminate nicks and irritation. It’s still on us not to attack our face, but the high-quality blades do their part in helping keep it ultra close.

[divider]The Stand[/divider]

What good is a badass looking razor without an equally badass looking stand? The same German stainless steel was machined into one amazing looking platform stand. A bit of a design departure from companies that have the hanging razor mentality. OneBlade decided to show off the razor by having it displayed horizontally.


Yeah, it’s not cheap. $300 for the razor and stand. Sounds steep until you consider how many Gillette handles you’ve bought. And buying those ridiculously overpriced blade cartridges.

Blades come in at under $30 for a 30 blade subscription. If you shave every day with a new blade, it works out to less than a dollar per day. You can easily extend that out if you don’t want a fresh blade each time.

Buying outside the subscription, you can get packs of 60 for $74.95 and 90 for $99.95.

The OneBlade system comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it breaks, you send it right back for a fix.

Expensive? A bit, but slinging through cartridge after cartridge will rip past $300 in a hurry. And which would you rather look at on your counter? The flexball or a OneBlade. That’s an easy answer.

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