Want to play the best AAA PC games on a tablet? Then the Wikipad may be for you. This week, OnLive (yep, they’re still around) announced it is partnering with Wikipad to deliver full AAA PC gaming to the tablet.

OnLive already offers similar service to any Android device with access to Google Play via its app, but the Wikipad version is better optimized and comes with support for its dedicated built-in gaming controller.

The Wikipad 7 will be first to get OnLive, but support is also expected to come to Wikipad’s upcoming Gamevice hardware.

“Since our inception, it has been our goal to provide gamers with the industry’s most comprehensive gaming experience via a tablet. We have been fortunate to partner with some of the best gaming companies in the business, and now we are proud to introduce our PC gaming partner. Our new partner, OnLive, and their cloud gaming platform, CloudLift, provides users the most revolutionary gaming experience, both the best of mobile gaming and now the AAA console/PC gaming experience,” said Fraser Townley, President, Wikipad Inc.

“Wikipad and Gamevice showcase perfectly how OnLive is bringing big games to small devices,” said Rick Sanchez, VP of Product and Marketing, OnLive. “Mobility and convenience are becoming increasingly important to gamers.

All of this sounds good and will add value to current Wikipad and Onlive users, but don’t expect this to be a game changer. Other big players in the gaming space such as Nvidia are creating similar streaming services. Nvidia is working on its own streaming service called GRID. Beta tests are happening right now for Nvidia SHIELD owners in Northern California.

Video-game streaming just isn’t ready for prime time yet. And, it isn’t really a problem on the company’s side. Users need better internet, period. That’s on the ISP end. If everyone had Google fiber, I’m sure video-game streaming would explode. Until that happens though, it’s going to languish in obscurity.


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